InsightInsightsWhy Unified Communications is Necessary for your organisation

Why Unified Communications is Necessary for your organisation

Automate your customer experience journey across different channels like USSD, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, service support/help desk and other platforms. Giving you a single 360° view of your customer interaction with your company.

The goal of a unified communications platform is to unify the software that supports both synchronous and asynchronous communications to enable the end-user to easily access all the tools, from whatever device is in use, in one place. This, in turn, enhances business communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Every communication tool comes with some unique capabilities. There are tools that are great in voice, video or in messaging. There are times you need asynchronous communications like emails and there are times when you only need real-time communication tools.

Unified communications are not necessarily a single product, but a set of products that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types. It allows companies to gain a competitive advantage, increase productivity and deliver a rich media experience by unifying phone calls, web conferencing, SMS, and email among others so users are able to share and access data and collaborate in real-time across any workspace.

Unified Communications is so important as it enables businesses to communicate effectively, save money and integrate applications and devices that will be used every day to stay connected. It makes it easier to find people, launch calls and conferences and retrieve messages. It also helps you to work from anywhere, boosting productivity, increasing mobility and enhancing the user experience.

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