InsightPressFrom the Vanguard – Techmarket is living up to its name with cost- effective operational solutions

From the Vanguard – Techmarket is living up to its name with cost- effective operational solutions

Techmarket, a startup IT company in Nigeria derives its strength and corporate goodwill from its unique ability to enable businesses get technological transformation by designing and developing cost effective, reliable, state-of-the-art and user- friendly digital solutions that are quick to implement and simple to learn.

The IT company established by Mr. Femi Ogunibe, with a mission to propel and empower digital business operations through impactful development.

Since 2008, the corporate outfit has succeeded in giving world class, value-added solutions to organizations in Nigeria and beyond.


With a proficient team of technical and administrative technocrats of several years of experience in unified communications deployment, contact center solution, cloud migration, security awareness trainings; as well as VoIP, CRM, ERP, and LAN/WAN deployment.

Through its efficient omnichannel contact center solution, Techmarket has been able to assist organizations of various sizes and in a wide range of industries across Nigeria and beyond in achieving efficient and effective communication with client.

An omnichannel approach unifies data and accessibility across all routes of communication. Data and reporting are the lifelines of an efficient call center, and this requires a skillful approach. Our Omnichannel tech allows businesses to manage all of their customer communications under one platform that has efficiency at its very core.

The super-effective Omnichannel contact center solution has multi- potent intellectual attributes with unique and attractive technologies.


The specialized IT solution integrates with the most popular messaging apps, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and others. Implementing WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel enables faster and more personalized digital communications.

The IT solution also offers supervisors the opportunity to monitor the real-time chat dialog to intercept or re-assign the interaction to other agents, if necessary.

The digital solution future offers inbound and outbound capabilities to intelligently route inbound emails to the correct team of support agents and the right agent skills, empower managers to review all interactions for further evaluation, scoring and reporting, allowing agents to use quick-reply templates and add attachments.

Omnichannel capability links customer data and personal information from all sources of interactions. When other applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are integrated with Customer Service Systems (CSS), an intelligent call router can use customer details to send a customer to the best agent or department right away.

Moreso, the companies omnichannel service interactions are effortless—resulting in better customer experience, higher customer ratings and stronger brand reputation—because they follow the customer from channel to channel, collecting data along the way. As people shift from social media to chat to a live agent, their complete histories and account details go with them. They don’t have to start, stop and restart at each point.

In this new digital era, it’s evident that omnichannel capabilities are focally engineered on automation rapidly taking over all industries and communication outlets, such that anyone who fails to key into the trend, simply risks being left behind digital flight, and cutting down their clients volume along the way.

Techmarket are committed at growing their pool of clientele. The company’s Omnichannel approach allows businesses to manage all of their customer communications integrated under one platform which ensures efficiency and capacity as its core deliverables. Techmarket as a leading provider of digital solutions with modern applications and techniques is currently the one-stop digital shop that welcomes you into the innovative world of intelligent digital technology.

Get onboard an assured horizon of amazing new packs of digital innovations and watch your business excel to higher altitudes.