3 Ways Unified Communication Can Improve Employee Productivity

Unified communication can improve employee productivity and streamline overall communication, making processes and decision making quicker and simpler. Here are three of the principal ways unified communication impacts employee productivity positively:

1. Greater Mobility

One key feature of unified communication is that they allow users to access them from anywhere. Your staff will be able to log in and access e-mails, set up meetings, and more wherever they are. Greater mobility in your workforce improves productivity, especially during COVID-19.

Even without the pandemic, remote working is already getting popular with a lot of companies. Being able to work from home is a valuable option for employees living in the cities. As such, unified communication will allow for easy remote work. 

2. Improved Cross-Organizational Collaboration

Unified communication platforms give staff many more ways to collaborate. Videoconferencing is a good example. With unified communication, video conferences and virtual meetings will be more productive. Staff members can take part in them from their workstations or even from home. Unified communications offer a raft of features to make meetings more efficient. Screen-sharing and speedy document dissemination are two such features. 


3. Quicker, More Effective Communication

Speed is at the ultimate core of business communication. For sales and field teams, responding quickly to an inquiry can be the difference between making a sale or not. With all channels (e-mail, Instant Messenger, etc.) on one platform, it’s easier to respond to all inquiries. 

With speedy access to all channels, agents can get the information they need instantly. Customers no longer have to hold for an answer or wait for an agent to call them back.

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